Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Week 4 Part 1

Have you ever visited a website and were just like, "What the heck is going on here?" Or what about when you visit a website that is just so nicely put together it's almost calming to use? In this post I am going to be comparing the good, the bad and the ugly between 4 different websites. 

My first website under review is: https://www.headhunterhairstyling.com/

     This is a five start website in my opinion. As soon as you launch the site, you are presented with a video of a haircut being performed. Straight to the point. You're not left guessing what this business is about. Next you'll notice that their logo is clearly placed at the top of the page, right next to the other pages that may be accessed on their site. Each page you click on has exactly the info that you wanted when choosing to click on that page. No more, no less. This page has simplicity and is very easy to use and understand. I also would like to add that their color scheme was beautiful. Calming and not busy. Out of all the websites to review, this was my favorite. 

Next, let's talk about: http://gatesnfences.com/

     Can we say NIGHTMARE? The initial feeling I got when I logged on to this site was overwhelming with anxiety. Seriously! I felt like I didn't even want to look at the information because there was just too much to look at and I didn't know where to start. They should have made several pages that were clearly marked with the topic of information. But instead they just had everything smashed together on one page. And, it was also really hard to see what was written because the font was microscopic. This website definitely needs some professional help. 

Another website under review was: https://www.pennyjuice.com/

     At first glance, I hated this site. The content looked pretty cheesy to me and to be quite honest I kind of thought it was a fake product they were trying to sell. Or like it was a fake website. But as I looked deeper within the site and understood what they were trying to sell, I started to like it. This companies target market is parents and kids. And when you market to kids you need color. This company did just that. From their website to their product, everything is very colorful. As far as ease of use, yeah, it's very easy to use. Simple and straight forward. Overall, I didn't have any problems with this site so I'd give it 3 stars. 

Another anxiety induced website: https://jamilin.com/

     If websites could vomit, this would be one that did. Like seriously, what the heck are people thinking? First off, I'm not diggin' the rainbow colors at the top of the page. It just doesn't look professional at all. Second, the pictures on the website are very disturbing. Some are repetitive and others are poor quality. And not to mention, they're smashed together. And why is everything located in the center of the page? Even if they didn't want the website to fully cover the page they could have expanded it a little bit. I don't there are just so many things wrong with this website in my opinion. My advice would be to hire a professional. 

Final Thought

When creating a website, please think about the people viewing it. Ask yourself  at least these questions:
  • Is the font big enough?
  • Is the color scheme relaxing?
  • Is my website easy to use?
  • Do I have several pages dedicated to one topic each versus everything crammed on one page?

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Week 3 Part 2

1. American Deluxe Barber Shop

American Deluxe Barber Shop has Instagram and Facebook listed on their website for their other social media platforms. As for Facebook, they have posted anything on there since April 3rd, 2016. But Instagram on the other hand, is used a least one a week on most weeks. In my opinion, I think they should use Facebook more as it has a lot of advertising elements.

2. Pacific Coast Barber Shop

Pacific Coast Barber Shop also has Instagram and Facebook listed on their website for their other social media platforms. Like American Deluxe, Pacific Coast also does not utilize Facebook either. Their last post to Facebook was on April 18th. As for Instagram they don't really use that platform much either. The last post to Instagram was on April 26th and seemed to only be used sporadically.

3. Johnny's Barber Shop

Well, there's not much to say about this one. On their website they didn't have any kind of other social media sites listed. I really think that is a bad more on their part. In today's world most everyone relies on social media for business listings and reviews.

4. Top Notch Barber Shop

Facebook and Instagram are both listed on Top Notch's website but they don't really use either. The last Facebook post from them was on September 11th, 2018. Instagram was last posted to on August 20th and before that was July 20th. They also don't seem to utilize their platforms.

5.  Short Cuts Barbershop

This business didn't have any social media platforms listed on their website so I really can't comment anything about their social media posting habits. However, Short Cuts does post "updates" on their website as if it were a social media site. Their last post was on August 31st and before that was August 23rd. They seem to post about 2-3 times a month which is not a lot.

After researching a ton of my competition, I have realized that the majority of the other Oceanside barber shops don't even have a website. I got lucky with being able to find the 5 that I did. I have also come to realize that I'm in pretty good shape as far as utilizing my social media platforms. I make it a point to post every day or at least 5 times a week. I believe keeping up with your social media sites say a lot about the type of business you are.

*** The blogs that I commented on are:

Friday, September 6, 2019

Week 3 Part 1

I know that I am a day late in posting for my blog, but I must say that it's a good thing I waited until today to post. If I would have posted yesterday, then I wouldn't really wouldn't have had much to say. But, today was literally the worst day EVER that I have had in communicating with a business.

So as many of you know, I have recently opened up a barber shop here in beautiful Oceanside, and when doing this I have had to complete a lot of steps to be able to get my business up and running on social media sites. Tonight, as I still try and get over my frustration, I am specifically going to talk about Google and their terrible customer service.

When you open a business, you want everyone to be able to find your location, phone number and information about your business, right? So how do you do this? You go to Google for businesses and list your business and all its information so that it will show up in people's google searches. But first, before it can go live on Google's site, you have to wait for a postcard to be mailed to the physical business, which holds the secret ingredient to make your business go live on google search. A magical number is on this postcard and it is used to verify your business. Let me just say, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS STUPID POSTCARD FOR NEARLY A MONTH. Read on to hear my horrible experience with google.

Finally fed up with waiting (they say it should take only 5 days to arrive and I have been waiting since August 16th), I decided to call them and see what the heck is going on. Oh but wait, you can't call, there's no number to call for your specific problem, but you can send a direct message and they will get back to you. So I did just that and I must say I literally received a call back withing like 30 seconds, so that was fantastic. So after explaining my problem to them a few times because they didn't seem to fully understand English, there was nothing that they could do for me at that moment, I have to wait for an email from a supervisor that will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, but the supervisors were only available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. It was 4:49pm and I was furious. Like what the heck? This is Google!!! A huge company!!! And you're closing 11 minutes early!!! And you're only available Monday-Friday? I'm really confused as to how google thinks that this is good business.

So now that you've heard my little rant, I'd definitely have to say that I have had a terrible experience with communicating with a business through social media. I mean this is the closest I've come to communicating with a business through social media.

If this were my business, first, I'd make sure that I didn't close early when I was scheduled to be open. Second, if my company was huge like Google is, I would always make sure that we were staffed 24/7 for technical issues such as the one I am experiencing.

Cross your fingers for me ya'll, I really need either that email or that stupid postcard.   

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Week 2 Part 1

Facebook vs Instagram

So since the opening of Clipper Junkies (my barbershop), I have been using a few different social media sites to promote my business, but today we're just going to focus on the two leading platforms. That is Instagram and Facebook. I'm going to talk about which one I like better and why I like it better. 

To start off, I would just like to say that Facebook is amazing! I have so much respect for this site it's unreal! I am adopted and I was able to find my other sister who was also adopted with the use of Facebook. But with that said, I promise I will not be bias to my opinion on which platform is better for promoting your business.  

When using Facebook I feel as if I pretty much know what I'm doing. Facebook is older than Instagram and I just know how to use it better. I have used Facebook for so many things. I have sold things on marketplace. I have found old high school friends. And even like I said above, I FOUND MY ADOPTED SISTER! Facebook is just amazing a full of opportunity. So, when I opened Clipper Junkies I wanted to see what it had to offer for promoting my shop. I dug around and found out that I could run ads for fairly cheap. I can even set my own budget for my ads. Well, that's a plus. I could also set up and run an event that could reach all the locals. And guess what? It's FREE! Now that's my kind of budget. I can also set up a "page" for my business, and yes that's free also. So with all of this knowledge, I have created a few events for days that we will be having specials, (by the way we are having a $9 haircut* special for Labor Day Weekend, check it out at www.clipperjunkies.com), and I have also set up an ad and a Clipper Junkies page. I totally did Facebook!

Now let's talk about Instagram. It took me many years to jump on this bandwagon. I didn't understand it. I didn't understand why the heck it was just pictures. I wanted more than just to post pictures, I wanted to communicate with words to people. But it was whatever and I just started slowly using it. Well fast-forward to 2018-2019, I'm using the heck out of it to promote all of my husbands haircuts. This is great! People actually follow other people just to look at all different types of haircuts. Now I must say I haven't found much more that you can do with Instagram in the business aspect. I mean yes, I made a Clipper Junkies "page" also, but that's really it. I can't sell anything on Instagram nor can I create an event for my business that will reach all the locals. But I am able to use some awesome hashtags (which, I kind of just started to understand. I promise I'm not that old, lol. 35 to be exact)

It is my final opinion that although both platforms have positive aspects for advertising ones business, I just feel as if Facebook is better designed for business promoting than Instagram is. 

Please classmates, or whoever is reading this, give my page a like, a follow or whatever!

Instagram @theclipperjunkies 
Facebook @clipperjunkies

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Week 1 Part 1

So, for this assignment I would picture many people looking through the different backgrounds, finding the one they thought was the best, prettiest or whatever. Well not me! I knew right away what I wanted my background to be. I didn't even look through any of the sample ones, I just went straight to my personal photos and uploaded one. One that I am very proud of.

Ladies and gentlemen, the image you are seeing on my background is my logo for my barbershop that my husband and I just opened on August 16th, 2019. One of the main reasons that I am taking this class is to better my knowledge in all aspects of social media, for both my barbershop and my Etsy shop.

I want all of North County to recognize my logo and know that it is the symbol for some DARN GOOD HAIRCUTS. So again, there was no question what background I was going to use. My logo (background) is not meant to be relaxing or "pretty"  to look at it is meant to stand out. It is meant to be bold and have a purpose. I hope you all don't mind but you will probably be seeing this symbol a ton throughout our next 4 months together.